ELECTRA owns 100% of four historic BC Minfile JADE occurrences. Readers are cautioned that the locations of the occurrences are assumed reliable from the BC Minfile source information, and there is no guarantee that the BC Minfile source information can be relied on as the materials are all pre National Instrument 43-101 reporting. The information below is taken directly from the BC Minfile source information for the particular JADE occurrences owned by ELECTRA.

1. JIM CREEK- ...showing is a cigar-shaped mass of nephrite, 1 by 1 by 4 metres, and is within calc-silicate altered serpentinite melange (in part rodingite)...Botryoidal nephrite occurs as thin ribbons (30 to 60 centimetres thick), within serpentinite, but is not of commercial value. The main showing is an estimated 10 tonnes. Jim Creek, directly below the deposit, contains alluvial boulders of nephrite in such abundance as to suggest an alternate, yet undiscovered, source in the area  .

2. PHILIPPON - ...Pods of nephrite jade are commonly found in these ultramafic rocks. One such locality, plotted on Geological Survey of Canada Open File map 2779, occurs on a ridge overlooking the headwaters of Philippon Creek. The characteristics of these pods are not documented...

3. YU--- Serpentine jade and nephrite jade were observed in differing locales along the north-central portion of the claims...samples routinely exhibit a hardness of +6.0 and have been confirmed as nephrite jade by a number of gemologists...Near the surface, nephrite jade has been recovered. The jade is an emerald green to dark green to black colour, translucent...    

4. B13 - ...These rocks also contain pods of nephrite jade, two of which are plotted on Geological Survey of Canada Open File map 2779 in the immediate vicinity of the B13...characteristics of these pods are not documented.




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ELECTRA STONE LTD. is focused on acquiring and developing high-grade speculative mineral projects in politically stable, environmentally responsible and ethical mining jurisdictions, to grow the company, focusing on jade for the Asian marketplace.  Jade in Chinese culture is reflected in its status as a symbol of goodness, preciousness and beauty. Jade stone is  the embodiment of the Confucian virtues of courage, wisdom, modesty, justice and compassion. Currently, Jade prices in China have increased dramatically with the increase in personal wealth. Electra also will add speculative projects with minerals essential for the rapidly growing rechargeable battery and renewable energy sectors and the supporting infrastructure networks, and focusing on acquiring and distributing precious jade to the Asian marketplace, while also focusing on precious metals contained within any of the speculative projects.

Copper, Cobalt, Lithium and related elements are poised to garner significant market attention as the demand for electric vehicles and the electric vehicle infrastructure network grows, and the renewable energy sector grows.

ELECTRA has acquired via online staking utilizing the GESTIM Online system of Quebec Ministry of Mines, ground adjacent T-RNX Dumont Nickel Cobalt permitted mine in Quebec, where "the world's largest undeveloped Nickel and Cobalt resource exists". ELECTRA ground is adjacent to the North of T-RNX Dumont permitted mine.

ELECTRA utilized the same system to acquire prospective Lithium ground near the T-NMX, Nemaska Lithium, Whabouchi Lithium Mine, Located in northern Quebec. Nemaska Lithium recently raised over $1 BILLION to place the permitted mine into production, becoming the World's most recent Lithium Mine.

ELECTRA STONE LTD., has requested an extension to file Annual Financial Statements from the British Columbia Securities Commission, to that affect, a Management Cease Trade Order has been filed and the TRADING AND BLACKOUT POLICY CAN BE FOUND AT THIS LINK.

Lithium and Cobalt are fundamental elements in batteries that power Electric Vehicles and many personal devices. Predictions on increased future use and demand for both elements predict also increased prices for both elements. 

JADE is highly sought after with the increase with personal wealth in Asia. JADE holds intrinsic value as in Chinese culture, JADE is reflected in its status as a symbol of goodness, preciousness and beauty. Jade stone is  the embodiment of the Confucian virtues of courage, wisdom, modesty, justice and compassion.source of wealth. JADE use is not limited to personal jewelry or household items but also utilized in Shrines, and has seen increased growth in personal and business premises as used in tile or sheet format. JADE from British Columbia is sought after, and has made an impact in the BC Mining revenue growth.


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